Mix Beef with Ground Venison

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Do you or someone else in your family find your ground venison meat to be too gamey for your liking?  Have you tried to mask some of the gamey flavor with ground beef before?  Mixing a little ground beef with ground venison helps to mask away some of the gamey flavor.  It also helps to add some fat content to your meat as pure ground venison is extremely lean.  Adding some fat content to your ground deer meat with improve flavor as well as help keep the mixture from becoming too dry.

While we generally use 100% venison in our recipes, however sometimes it is helpful to add some beef.  The majority of our recipes do not require any mixing at all as the spices and other ingredients help to mask away any gamey flavor.  Venison spaghetti, venison tacos, and venison curry dishes are three examples of recipes that do not need any beef added.  You may disagree and want to add some beef to your venison no matter what recipe you are cooking, however we recommend that you at least give some of our ground venison recipes a try before you start mixing tons of beef with your deer meat.

Here at Deer-Chili.com we prefer to use a 80/20 blend of ground beef to mix with our ground venison when we choose to do so. Cooking venison burgers is much easier when some fat content is added to the meat.  This does not mean that you cannot cook venison burgers without adding beef.  There are numerous venison burger recipes that turn out great without adding any additional fat content.  Another thing to note is adding beef to your venison is not as healthy as eating pure venison, but it is still much healthier than a greasy burger from a fast food restaurant.

How much ground beef you add to your venison is totally up to you.  If you are using ground beef to masks flavors try using a 2-1 or even 1-1 ratio of venison to beef.  If only using beef to add some fat content we recommend about a 20% beef blend.  The best way to find out what you prefer best is to just start trying out different beef to venison blends.  I’d recommend starting at one pound of ground beef to every four pounds of ground venison and see how that works for you.

Another thing you may want to try is to ask the butcher at your local grocery store or butcher shop for some beef scraps.  They will generally give these away and this is pure beef fat that can be added to your venison.  This is a great option to mix beef with ground venison when you are only cooking 1-2 pounds of meat and do not want to buy or thaw out a full pound of beef to mix with your deer meat.

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